Tennessee College and Career Planning System

To give back to the community, Edsouth offers all Tennessee students in grades 6-14 free access to the Tennessee College and Career Planning System Powered by Kuder®. If you are a Tennessee student, you should contact your high school counselor for activation codes to access www.planningyourdreams.org free of charge.

Appropriate for use by students from middle school to college, Tennessee College and Career Planning System Powered by Kuder® (www.planningyourdreams.org) will help you select one or more career paths to explore by matching your interests, skills, and work values. Through this planning system, you can create and continually access your own career portfolio and update career information as your skills and experience expand.

The Tennessee College and Career Planning System Powered by Kuder® offers you access to:

  • Kuder® Career Interests Assessment, Kuder® Skills Confidence Assessment, and the Kuder® Work Values Assessment
  • Education planner
  • Planning timeline
  • Occupation search and career comparison
  • College major and instructional program search
  • College search and comparison
  • Financial aid information and scholarship search
  • Resume builder

TN Kuder Navigator® serves all secondary Tennessee students, grades 6-12, their parents, and educators.

TN Kuder Journey® serves postsecondary Tennessee students and adults of all ages.

The Kuder® Career Planning System is also offered in conjunction with a number of other state-sponsored programs throughout the United States. Click here for a list of states that offer this planning system free of charge to area students or call the Kuder Customer Support line at (877) 999-6227 to see if you have access to the system through your school.