Free College, Career, and Financial Literacy Presentations

Our outreach counselors are available during school or evening hours to conduct FREE presentations on a variety of topics:

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up – educates students about the importance of making the most of their education and the many differences in career choices
Transitioning into Middle School – assists students to recognize the many changes that moving into middle school  has as well as how to make the most of these important years

Transitioning into High School – outlines differences between middle and high school to achieve long-term college and career goals

Making the Most of High School – emphasizes the importance of maximizing opportunities throughout high school to plan for a successful experience after graduation:
College, Career, and Financial Aid Planning – offers an overview of college admissions, career planning, and financial aid information

Finding the Perfect College Fit – advises students on choosing the right postsecondary institution based on intended occupation and which school will meet their needs based on academics, location, size, student population, etc.

How to Get Money for College – provides in-depth coverage of financial aid application and qualification requirements and available state and federal resources

Searching for Scholarships – gives students direction on where to start the scholarship process, how to find available scholarships, and how to complete the applications most effectively

Life After High School – highlights practical life skills necessary for entering the working world or college environment

Financial Literacy – promotes responsible financial habits, including saving money, managing savings and checking accounts, budgeting, etc.

You're Hired! – advises how to get (and keep!) a job through interview skills, knowing what questions to ask, office etiquette, how to dress, etc.

Career & Technical Education – explains the 9 aspects of industry and the importance of each

Our calendars do fill up quickly and availability is on a first-come first-served basis. Contact your area representative as far in advance as possible to schedule a presentation.

Student Outreach Services Presentation Guide