Student Outreach Services Contact Information

East Tennessee SOS Counselors

Northeast Tennessee counties
Ruthie Cawood

(865) 803.8328 cell

Southeast Tennessee counties
Jamie Ensley
(423) 290-4601 cell

Middle Tennessee SOS Counselors


Director of Student Outreach Services
Southern Middle Tennessee counties
Lana Craig
(931) 680.2852 office
(865) 803.8329 cell

Northern Middle Tennessee counties
Christina Lane
(615) 815-6239


West Tennessee SOS Counselors

Tipton, Shelby and Fayette counties
Katiah Brown
(901) 573-1588

All other West Tennessee counties
Emily Pitt
(731) 343-0226


Existing borrowers: Please contact your Edsouth student loan servicer for inquiries regarding existing student loan accounts.