About Edsouth

Edsouth, having commenced full operations in the spring of 1988, is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting access to higher education by acquiring postsecondary education loans under Title IV of the Federal Higher Education Act of 1965.  With assets of approximately $6 billion, Edsouth has funded the educational pursuits of over 1 million postsecondary students.

In addition to educational funding, our student outreach initiatives increase awareness of college, career, and financial aid opportunities by providing free college and career planning resources and services for students and parents. Working with high school counselors, college and university administrators, and industry partners, Edsouth enables students to maximize their potential and fulfill their goals in life through higher education. That's our vision.

For inquiries about our student loan secondary market programs or other questions, contact us toll-free at 1-866-771-3773.

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